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      Jean Jewelry Silver Conchos


Jean Jewelry is a fabulous new trend started in the southwest by Be-Decked, a company dedicated to accessorizing denim. Around here we say "Catch a falling star and put it on your denim!!". The Original Jean Jewelry Silver Conchos can be worn on your jeans, jodhpurs, vests, jackets, hats. leather, boots, or just about anywhere from head to toe. Perfect for all sorts of leather crafts, holsters, gun belts, cowboy gear, horse tack and leather belts. You will shine and sparkle as you enter a room....HEADS WILL TURN!! You will hear "What is she (or he) wearing? What is that? I love that!"  Decorate all your western wear, your saddle, your purse....and whatever else you desire. Worn by Rock Stars, Bikers, Rodeo Queens, Rodeo Champions, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Ropers....don't be left out! It is a great gift for any occasion. Give it to your favorite line dancer, two-stepper, or any stepper of any age! Rodeo fans love it too!!!! Join in the fun of "Be-Decking" (giving to someone as a gift). Designed and created by our founder Montana, The Original Jean Jewelry is now made by superior craftsman in the American Southwest.


Original Jean Jewelry is curved into a dome shape and hand crafted of Trade Silver.


Some of the possible uses for these beautiful silver conchos are:

  • cowboy leather
  • halters
  • headsets
  • breast collars
  • saddles
  • reins
  • bridle reins
  • headstalls
  • brow bands
  • show bridles
  • cowboy and cowgirl chaps
  • dog collars
  • holsters
  • hatbands
  • horse tack
  • leather belts
  • spur straps
  • purse straps
  • sweaters
  • jackets
  • coats
  • saddlebags
  • gunleather
  • leather purse decorations 



 Scallop Border Jean Jewelry Star Border Jean Jewelry



The tie-tack back makes each piece easily movable and detachable.


Jean Jewelry Six Pack Special

2 Large, 4 Small Silver Conchos





(small are 1" and large are 1 1/2 " diam.)


Available in Six Styles:



Scallop Border Jean Jewelry  Star w/Scallop Border 6 Pack      BDJJ1002  


Star w/Star Border 6 Pack  BDJJ1001   SOLD OUT


  Heart w/Star Border 6 Pack    BDJJ1003  


 Heart w/Scallop Border 6 Pack  BDJJ1015


  Boot w/Star Border 6 Pack    BDJJ1016  


  Boot w/Scallop Border 6 Pack    BDJJ1017  



Custom Logos for corporate gifts can be imprinted on Our Original Jean Jewelry. Please call for details.


SAMPLE ONE PIECE  small jean jewelry Star w/Star Border  $12.00 BDJJSAMP1  

SAMPLE ONE PIECE  large jean jewelry Star w/Star Border  $15.00 BDJJSAMP2  




Authentic Vintage U.S. Coin Jean Jewelry Conchos


Special for this year we have added a new collection of “Vintage Coin“ Jean Jewelry which consists of four different coins. Smashingly, this set will include the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, The Buffalo Indian Nickel, The Mercury Dime or the Indian Head Penny. The Old Large Cent is also available in this set.



Coin Jean Jewelry is curved into a dome shape and hand crafted from REAL original U.S. Coins.


All coins vary slightly in appearance due to the nature of circulated coins. All are polished to a shiny finish.


Coin Jean Jewelry Six Pack Special

2 Walking Liberty Half Dollars  (Reverse Eagle Showing)

2 Mercury Dimes

1 Indian Head Nickel

1 Buffalo Nickel










  2 Indian Head Penny Studs $29.00  actual size is 19mm   BDJJ1008







  2 Large Cent 1 1/8" diam. (1793-1857) Studs $120.00  actual size is 27mm  BDJJ1011


Large Cent…. The coin is pure copper and measures 27-29mm in diameter-more than four times heavier than our modern cents and nearly half again larger in diameter! This rare coin was struck every year from 1793-1857 except 1815, when a copper shortage halted production.






 2 Buffalo Nickel Studs $29.00   actual size is 21mm   BDJJ1006






 Indian Head Nickle Jean Jewelry 

2 Indian Head Nickel Studs $29.00    actual size is 21mm    BDJJ1007







  2 Mercury Dime Studs $29.00  actual size is 18mm  BDJJ1009 






2 Standing Liberty Quarter (Reverse Eagle) Studs $38.00  actual size is 24mm  BDJJ1010







 2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Studs $45.00  actual size is 30mm BDJJ1005







 2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Studs (Reverse Eagle Showing) $45.00  actual size is 30mm  BDJJ1012







  2 Kennedy Half Dollar Studs  (Reverse Eagle Showing) $38.00  actual size is 30mm  BDJJ1013







  Reverse Kennedy Eagle Patriotic Pin $25.00 BDJJ1014 













Jean Jewelry Pins with Patriotic Ribbons

Many styles and colors available (sports teams etc.). Please call for information.







*Jean Jewelry for your boots...click here for Boot Jewelry .



Star Border Jean Jewelry   Cowboys and indians magazine   Scallop Border Jean Jewelry 







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