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For additional photos and details, please see the product pages.


Jean Jewelry Silver Conchos  (6 pack contains 4 small 1" and 2 large 1 1/2 ")


 Star w/Scallop Border 6 Pack BDJJ1002 PHOTO $69.95  

 Heart w/Star Border 6 Pack BDJJ1003 PHOTO  $69.95   

 Heart w/Scallop Border 6 Pack    BDJJ1015   PHOTO  $69.95   

 Boot w/Star Border 6 Pack    BDJJ1016   PHOTO  $69.95

 Boot w/Scallop Border 6 Pack    BDJJ1017   PHOTO  $69.95   

 Sample 1 small Star w/Star Border BDJJSAMP1 PHOTO  $12.00  

 Sample 1 large Star w/Star Border BDJJSAMP2 PHOTO  $15.00


Star w/Star Border 6 Pack BDJJ1001  PHOTO $69.95   SOLD OUT    



U.S. Coin Jean Jewelry Conchos   (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


  Special !!! Six Pack   PHOTO           BDJJ1004    $95.00  

2 Walking Liberty Half Dollars

2 Mercury Dimes

1 Indian Head Nickel

1 Buffalo Nickel


 2 Indian Head Penny Studs               BDJJ1008   PHOTO    $29.00  

 2 Large Cent 1 1/8" diam. (1793-1857) BDJJ1011 PHOTO $120.00

 2 Buffalo Nickel Studs                       BDJJ1006   PHOTO    $29.00  

 2 Indian Head Nickel Studs               BDJJ1007   PHOTO    $29.00   

 2 Mercury Dime Studs                       BDJJ1009   PHOTO    $29.00  

 2 Reverse Eagle Standing Liberty Quarter Studs

                      BDJJ1010   PHOTO    $38.00 

 2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Studs  BDJJ1005   PHOTO    $45.00

 2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Studs

                      (Reverse Eagle Showing)  BDJJ1012 PHOTO  $45.00    

 2 Kennedy Half Dollar Studs

                      (Reverse Eagle Showing) BDJJ1013 PHOTO $38.00


 Reverse Kennedy Eagle Patriotic Pin BDJJ1014  PHOTO $25.00



Boot Jewelry Silver Conchos


 Star w/Star Border Pair 1" BDBJ1001 PHOTO $29.00  

 Star w/Scallop Border Pair 1" BDBJ1002 PHOTO  $29.00

 Heart w/Star Border Pair 1" BDBJ1003 PHOTO  $29.00

 Heart w/Scallop Border Pair 1" BDBJ1015 PHOTO  $29.00

 Boot w/Star Border Pair 1" BDBJ1016 PHOTO  $29.00

 Boot w/Scallop Border Pair 1"  BDBJ1017 PHOTO  $29.00


U.S. Coin Boot Jewelry Conchos   (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


  2 Indian Head Penny Boot Jewelry 19mm BDBJ1008  PHOTO   $29.00   

  2 Buffalo Nickel Boot Jewelry 21mm BDBJ1006 PHOTO  $29.00     

  2 Indian Head Nickel Boot Jewelry 21mm BDBJ1007  PHOTO $29.00

  2 Mercury Dime Boot Jewelry 18mm BDBJ1009 PHOTO $29.00



U.S. Coin Golf Ball Markers  (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


 Buffalo Nickel w/Gift Box   BDGBM1001 PHOTO    $15.00  

 Lincoln Penny (pre 1974) w/Gift Box BDGBM1002 PHOTO $15.00   

 Indian Head Penny w/Gift Box BDGBM1003  PHOTO  $15.00 

 Mercury Dime w/Gift Box   BDGBM1004    PHOTO    $15.00   

 Indian Head Nickel w/Gift Box BDGBM1005 PHOTO  $15.00

 Special !!! 5 Pack (one of each w/5 gift boxes)

                       BDGBM1006  PHOTO  $50.00 



Native American Beaded Flag Bags


 BDFB1001   Model 1  PHOTO    $150.00

 BDFB1002  Model 2  PHOTO    $150.00

  BDFB1003  Model 3  PHOTO    $150.00              

  BDFB1004  Model 4  PHOTO    $150.00                   




Money Clips    (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


 Morgan Silver Dollar Pre 1922 BDMC1001 PHOTO $52.00 

 Peace Silver Dollar Post 1921       BDMC1002 PHOTO $42.00 

 Walking Liberty Half Dollar        BDMC1003 PHOTO $28.00 

 Star with Scallop Border            BDMC1004 PHOTO $20.00 

 Star with Star Border                  BDMC1005 PHOTO $20.00 

 Heart with Star Border                BDMC1006 PHOTO $20.00 



Key Rings  (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


 Star with Scallop Border             BDKR1001   PHOTO    $20.00

 Star with Star Border                   BDKR1002   PHOTO    $20.00

 Walking Liberty Half Dollar          BDKR1003   PHOTO    $28.00 

 Morgan Silver Dollar  Pre 1922   BDKR1004   PHOTO    $48.00

 Morgan Silver Dollar Reverse Eagle   BDKR1006   PHOTO    $48.00

 Peace Silver Dollar  Post 1921           BDKR1005   PHOTO    $40.00 

                       (Liberty Head or Eagle Side Reverse Available)



Concho Belts & U.S. Coin Buckles (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


 18 Coin Walking Liberty Half Dollar Belt

                       BDBELT1001    PHOTO    $659.00

 12 Coin Eagle Side Morgan Silver Dollar (Pre 1921) Belt 

                       BDBELT1002    PHOTO    $749.00 

  Texas Star Belt   BDBELT1003 PHOTO  $195.00

  Mini Texas Star Belt   BDBELT1004  PHOTO $145.00

  Silver Texas Star Buckle  BDBELT1005   PHOTO  $50.00



Cuff Links  (Authentic Vintage U.S. Coins)


 2 Star w/Star Border Cuff Links (Nickel Silver, Not a U.S. Coin)

                       BDCL1001 PHOTO $35.00


 2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sterling Silver Cuff Links 

                       BDCL1002    PHOTO   $58.00


 2 Buffalo/Indian Nickel (1 of ea.) w/Sterling Back Cuff Links

                       BDCL1003 PHOTO  $47.00


 2 Mercury Dime w/Sterling Back Cuff Links                 

                       BDCL1004   PHOTO    $47.00


 2 Standing Liberty Quarter w/Sterling Back Cuff Links 

                       BDCL1005   PHOTO    $47.00


 2 Indian Head Penny w/Nickel Silver Back Cuff Links 

                       BDCL1006   PHOTO    $35.00





 2 Star w/Star Border Post Earrings 1"

                        (Nickel Silver, not a U.S. coin)  PHOTO BDER1001 $40.00            

 2 Star w/Star Border Post Earrings 1 1/2"

                        (Nickel Silver, not a U.S. coin)  PHOTO BDER1002 $50.00       

 2 Star w/Scallop Border Post Earrings 1"

                       (Nickel Silver, not a U.S. coin)  PHOTO BDER1003 $40.00       

 2 Star w/Scallop Border Post Earrings 1 1/2"

                       (Nickel Silver, not a U.S. coin)  PHOTO BDER1004 $50.00  




Hardware - KNOBS


  Indian Head Penny Knob  PHOTO BDHW1001  $16.00 


  Indian Head Nickel Knob PHOTO  BDHW1002  $16.00 


  Buffalo Nickel Knob PHOTO  BDHW1003  $16.00  


 Mercury Dime Knob   PHOTO  BDHW1010  $16.00  


  Standing Liberty Quarter Knob w/Reverse Eagle Showing  PHOTO  BDHW1004  $24.00  


  Walking Liberty Half Dollar Knob  PHOTO  BDHW1005   $26.00 


  Walking Liberty Half Dollar Knob w/Reverse Eagle Showing

                          ***OUR BEST SELLER*** PHOTO BDHW1006   $26.00  


  Peace Dollar Knob  PHOTO  BDHW1007  $48.00  


  Morgan Dollar Knob  PHOTO  BDHW1008   $54.00   


  Morgan Dollar Knob w/Reverse Eagle Showing   PHOTO BDHW1009   $54.00   



Hardware - HANDLES


Indian Head Penny Handle   $23.00


  BDHW101V  VERTICAL           


Indian Head Nickel Handle   $23.00


  BDHW102V  VERTICAL           


Buffalo Nickel Handle   $23.00


  BDHW103V  VERTICAL           


Standing Liberty Quarter Handle w/Reverse Eagle Showing    $29.00


  BDHW104V  VERTICAL           


Walking Liberty Half Dollar Handle   $33.00


  BDHW105V  VERTICAL           

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Handle w/Reverse Eagle Showing    $33.00


  BDHW106V  VERTICAL           


Peace Dollar Handle    $55.00


  BDHW107V  VERTICAL           


Morgan Dollar Handle    $55.00

  BDHW108H   HORIZONTAL       

  BDHW108V  VERTICAL           


Morgan Dollar Handle w/Reverse Eagle Showing   $55.00

  BDHW109H   HORIZONTAL       

  BDHW109V  VERTICAL           



Innoscent Air Freshener 


  BDINN1001  One sample package of Innoscent     $1.50



Misc. Gifts 


 Authentic Dawn of a New Millennium Key Rings

                       with serial number and certificate BDGIFT1001  PHOTO $50.00    

  Authentic Dawn of A New Millennium Keepsake

                       Box with serial number and certificate  BDGIFT1002  PHOTO  $60.00

 TexasStarPendant w/DenimLapisStone BDGIFT1003 PHOTO  $50.00   

 Heart w/Stars Scarf Slide 1 1/2" Diam. BDGIFT1004 PHOTO   $40.00   

 Star w/Scallops Scarf Slide 1 1/2" Diam. BDGIFT1005 PHOTO $40.00  

 Star w/Stars Scarf Slide 1 1/2" Diam. BDGIFT1006  PHOTO $40.00  

 Multi Color Stone Eyeglass Holder   BDGIFT1007 PHOTO   $15.00





 Original RemoteRack  PHOTO  BDRR1001   $9.95 

 Small RemoteRack  PHOTO  BDRR1002   $9.95   




Pet Accessories 



 Extra Small Concho Collar 8"-10"  PHOTO  BDPET1001   $38.00   

 Small Concho Collar 10"-12"  PHOTO   BDPET1002   $42.00   

 Medium Concho Collar 12"-14"   PHOTO BDPET1003   $50.00   


  16" Texas Star Leather Collar   PHOTO  BDPET1004   $53.00   

  18" Texas Star Leather Collar   PHOTO  BDPET1005   $57.00   

  20" Texas Star Leather Collar   PHOTO  BDPET1006   $61.00   

  22"  Texas Star Leather Collar   PHOTO  BDPET1007   $65.00 

  24"  Texas Star Leather Collar   PHOTO  BDPET1008   $69.00 






  Bronco Rider Beige Socks PHOTO  BDSOCK1001   $7.00   

  Black Bandana Socks PHOTO  BDSOCK1002   $7.00   

  Red Bandana PHOTO  BDSOCK1003   $7.00   

  Montana Flag Socks PHOTO  BDSOCK1004   $7.00   







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